More Legislation Introduced!

A couple more bills that would affect developments, community associations, and landlords/tenants!  Let’s dive in!

  • HB-1107 was introduced in the house on January 18, 2018.  The intent of the bill is to facilitate the installation of electric vehicle charging systems.  The bill would require builders to offer purchasers of new residences the option to install; 1) an electric vehicle charging systems; 2) upgrades of wiring to accommodate future installation of an electric vehicle charging station; or 3)  a chase or conduit (or both) to accommodate future installation of wiring necessary for such a system.  It would apply both in traditional detached, single-family homes and also in buildings that contain owner-occupied condominium units.
  • HB-1126 was introduced in the house on January 19, 2018.  This bill would add a provision to the Colorado Common Interest Ownership Act (“CCIOA”) (in Section 106.5 titled Prohibitions Contrary to Public Policy) which would invalidate any covenant that prohibits the keeping of certain types of dogs based solely on a breed, weight, or size classification.  Additionally, the added language states that an association may regulate the number of dogs per household and that it may enforce covenants concerning dog or owner behavior, nuisance barking, waste disposal, and other matters.
  • Another bill related to landlord/tenant law, HB-1127 was introduced in the house on January 19, 2018. This bill does three things:
    1. Limits the application fee that a landlord charges to cover a landlord’s actual costs for a personal reference check or for obtaining a consumer credit report or tenant screening report;
    2. Requires a landlord to provide each prospective tenant with written notice of the landlord’s tenant selection criteria and the grounds upon which a rental application may be denied before accepting an application or collecting an application fee; and
    3. Requires a landlord to provide a prospective tenant with an adverse action notice if the landlord takes adverse action on a prospective tenant after reviewing the prospective tenant’s rental application.

    Check back for a future blog post about the specifics of this bill!

Check out the list of bills being watched here.  The 2018 Legislation page on our website will continually be updated with the status of each bill.  If you have questions or want more information on the legislative session or bills being introduced, please contact us at or 720.279.4351.

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