Legislative Update

Some quick updates on a few of the pending bills that we are tracking this legislative session:

SB 10, which concerns the requirement that residential landlords provide tenants with specified documents relevant to the landlord-tenant relationship, has passed the Senate and has been introduced in the House (assigned to the House Finance Committee).  It will be heard in committee on March 5, 2018.

HB 1107, which would require that builders of new residences offer buyers the option to accommodate electric vehicle charging systems, has passed the House and has been introduced in the Senate (assigned to Senate Transportation).

KILL(ed) BILL(s)

HB 1126, if passed, would have invalidated any covenant that prohibits the keeping of certain types of dogs based solely on a breed, weight, or size classification, has been killed on the floor of the House after the third reading.  An amendment after the second reading removed language from the proposed bill that would have allowed an association “to regulate the number of dogs per household as well as enforce covenants concerning dog or owner behavior including nuisance barking, waste disposal, and other matters.”  Again, this bill was killed on the floor of the House and, in legislative process terms, is considered “lost.”  As it stands, provisions in association covenants that prohibit the keeping of certain types of dogs based solely on breed, weight, or size classification (for example, no dogs over 20 pounds) will continue to be enforceable.

SB 120, if passed, would have provided tenants a longer period of time to cure a default in the payment of rent.  The Senate Committee on Business, Labor & Technology effectively killed this bill in committee on February 14, 2018, postponing it indefinitely.  

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